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Hello all,


I need to send money to the Philippines, and was going to use Western Union.

I looked up the W.U. outlets for Changchun on the internet, and found that there are several banks that provide the services such as Bank of Jilin, Agricultural Bank & Postal Savings Bank.

However, when I walked over today it was closed.  Someone, a passerby, then told me that will not open for another 7 days??!!

So all the banks aka Western Union close down for an entire week for the holiday?


Can anybody confirm?  Are there any other Western Union sources that I don't know about in Changchun besides those listed banks? 


Thanks in advance,

Michael (Just got here a month ago)

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I like this idea of a card alot.  Sounds practical if somebody will be sending money regularly!


"China Post Main Branch in Renmin Guangchang has 2 tellers who speak English well.. one goes by the name of Jessica.. Everything done in 15 minutes or so... She'll do all the paperwork, store your Passport details in your own Western Union card, ask you the name and country of the receiver.. all you do is sign.. you get your own China Post WU Card.. plus you can send in RMB.. the receiver gets in foreign currency.."

Amazing!! When I was in Hangzhou, I tried to send money to Canada by WU. They told me I had to take my RMB to the bank and get it changed into US dollars because the RMB was not allowed to leave China!!

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