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Possibly a naive question but still I'll ask it.

What if someone, a Chinese person, invites you to eat out and you're too nervous to do so because of the cooking oil concern?

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Not all restaurants have a problem ,if you are concer ,you can drite told your friend or friend or you can cook at home

Thank you for the suggestion. I didn't think that all restaurants would have the problem but I can't afford to be unlucky and get sick even once.

Getting sick whilst abroad is perhaps inevitable, but from food, well that can happen wherever you are in the world!
I think the oil blog have gotten people nervous about eating out but I think it's still really safe. Your choice of restaurant is important, and people taking you out aren't going to take you to some hovel or likely place you might encounter this ghastly oil. I take people to dinner all the time and that's because it's tried and tested. Don't worry chris!!

Thanks Richard, that's reassuring because I love Chinese food, as I know it, and I wanted to enjoy it when I go to China.

Richard, did you get a follow-up mail from me? You invited me to 'ask away!' and I did.



No, please send again through the private "send message" function;)

It doesnt help that there seem to be cases of gutter oil/reused oil and god knows what else oil stories that trend on Baidu sometimes in some areas of China which alert you to avoid eating out sometimes. As Richard says though, i think its pretty common that any country in the world where you can eat, you may encounter practices like this, or have an upset stomach.

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