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Hi,  I was thinking of taking a trip to the Tiger Park this coming weekend.

Has anybody been there?   Any opinions on the place?

I was excited about the idea but then looked online and found some very negative articles about the fact that the tigers are fed live prey as a tourist attraction.   I was wondering if there is a way to enjoy the viewing of the tigers without necessarily watching them devour other animals.... 


Are there other animals there too?

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I do not know of this tiger park. There is one in harbin that I visited and there you could buy chickens , goats ets etc to be fed to the tigers - big sign in the entrance giving you the prices

Yes Richard, there is one in Harbin too and I think its advertised better because I read up on it on some Travel sites.  But when I told my coworkers that I would like to visit Harbin for that, they said there is one just as nice down here in Changchun.


If you google the "Changchun Wildlife Park" you will find several articles.  They all seem to be negative and from animal rights activists. But I realize there is very strong bias in the West towards China these days, so I take it all with a grain of salt.   I just want to see Siberian Tigers - how exciting!  Right here in Changchun.

The tiger park is one of the last stops on the light rail in the Jing Yue zone close to the movie city amusement park. They have a bird show and an animal show. I didn't see any devouring of animals... I heard that they used to do it but it stopped. There is also an opportunity to have your photo taken with what must be a heavily sedated tiger. Other animals include: bears, lions, monkeys and horses and a wide variety of birds. It was ok, nothing special though. I went in June, so it was very hot and most of animals were seeking shade, so now might be a better time to go as it is cooler.



No animals being fed alive when I was there, no worries about that, I guess.

Good to know!  Thanks for the good word.


Thanks Alex.  I may have to swing by with no expectations.  A photo op with a tiger would be nice for a Facebook plug.  The directions too was valuable - thumbs up!
Michael - when you go, it would be good to hear of what it was like !

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