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Hello, Ladies.

Any chance to find a Beauty Salon here where i can have depilation (epilation or hair removal) with wax?

How women make it here?

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HI Alina,

Did you ever find anyone to do waxing?  I have the same question. When I left Changchun after 6 months in February, last year my face looked like a badly mowed lawn. Not a good look.  


Hi! I'd also love to find someone/somewhere! Any luck Alina or Elizabeth? 

Honestly I'm not sure whether there is any salon doing waxing here. But there are private beauty clinics/ salons offer laser hair removal service. Hope this may help ! 

Thanks Catherine! Can you recommend any that are safe and foreigner friendly?   

It would be a smallish but faithful market for a salon that wanted to do the waxing service, especially if someone spoke some English. (Sometimes one's very limited Chinese fails, and there are some things that could go rather wrong ...)

Catherine, a laser hair removal is very expensive and takes long treatment. And i am not sure a foreigner can get the correct price here in Changchun (as we all know, everything is much more expensive than in Germany or other western countries and must be negociated).

I found a salon which offers a hair removal service with wax (under arm and arms only). It is near Ouya on Linhe street.

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