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Movies by Genre!


Winter is upon us and I am considering starting a movie night at World life club in Gui Lin Lu. I have a nice new HDMI TV which I think would be perfect for showing some great movies.

So I need your help, I want to compose a list of movies for each Genre. I think the main thing is that I am looking for the greatest movies ever made in each catergory.

a) Western

b) Sci-Fi

c) Action

d) Romance/Comedy

e) Period/Historic

Thanks for your help, and feel free to add a genre or 2:)

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Comedy - My Cousin Vinny,

Sci-Fi - Fantastic Planet (Animation),

Musical - The Wizard Of Oz (The most referenced movie ever!)

Romantic Comedy - Victor/Victoria (not sure if the Chinese crowd will like it, very touchy subject)

Sports - Slapshot

Drama - 12 Angry Men


Sorry if there are repeats, I didn't read all the other posts

For western/sci-fi, I just watched Cowboys & Aliens 7.5 out of 10

I love My cousin Vinny!

Enjoyed Moneyball recently.

Another genre- Superhero! The Avengers is pretty awesome and the Dark Knight too.

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