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Hi everyone,
I just arrived in Changchun and I have to buy a cellphone.

I would like to know where I can buy a cellphone, what are the prices, how it's working in China, which kind of cellphone should I buy.... if you have any recommendations for me, it would be nice. I don't really need one, but my employer asked me to have one.

Thanks for your help!! :D

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If you feel you don't need one, then put it off, simple as that. Your employer wants you to have one just so they can phone you about last second classes they have arranged, photo ops to make them look good, etc. Don't worry about class cancellations. They won't tell you about those until you're actually in the classroom, wondering where your students are.

If they insist that you have a cellphone, get them to buy one for you. That way, you won't be on the hook for that cheap, fake Android phone that doesn't work when you need it to.

Thanks for the reply Chris.
I am not a teacher, but I see what you mean. I will see if I can get them buy one for me. :)

Depending on what kind of quality/brand you want it varies. I got my sony xperia for 4500 yuan from a Suning branch, really good and no problems. 

I got my Samsung Galaxy CORE Lite G3568V at China Mobile for 952 RMB. It's an authentic Samsung product, made for the China Market. It doesn't have Google Play Store, but I did upgrade it to KitKat with no problems. It's 4G so it will work just about anywhere (maybe not NK, but who knows).

Chris, you were right!! They got a cellphone for me.

Great news Caroline!!

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