For the most part, the Changchun Friends website is not very active and has been superseded by the Tencent "Wechat" app by the local expat community. This website is maintained sporadically, people may still join and membership is still open, but if you are a spammer, stay away. The archived information here is still useful, but some may be out of date. There are plans to make it more useful for static information in the future. If anyone needs information about Changchun or China, you may post a message and it probably will get a response but not immediately.

Changchun Friends

a great way to get involved

I'm having a

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My entire message disappeared.     Basically I have had no luck whatsoever getting a consistent and reliable internet connection on SKYPE and other VOIP services.  Even though my computer says "excellent" connection to the internet, the people I call in other countries can't hear everything I'm saying.

In short, I have a regular land/home phone line now and I'm looking for any suggestions on a phone plan or calling card which allows for calling OUT of China.  Most of the international calling cards are only calling IN from other countries. 

Thanks Pauline. I will definitely try your suggestion.
Pauline MacKinnon said:

On the same street (and side) as McDonald's by Guilin Lu you can go to the magazine stand and buy a 179IP China Telecom calling card. You can get them for various amounts. I usually get a 100 yuan one. It lasts me for months and I call Canada and talk forever!!

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In and around Changchun with QQ Soso street maps:


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