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Changchun Friends

a great way to get involved

Hello everybody, Since I'm in China, I use freegate as a proxy to go on youtube or facebook.

But since 2 days, it doesn't work anymore even the new version.

So I would like to know if u know an other way to have access to youtube? For creating lesson it's really a big problem to have a censure internet!


Thanks a lot



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'VPN' - you can buy online :)

You could try Hotspot Shield.

I think you will find that all the free proxies and vpn's stop working after a while.

You could buy one, its about $60 a year.

Facebook however is accessible, but again is not reliable. Try 

This will bring up a page with a picture of facebook, click on it and you should get in!


I've been using Hotspot Shield for three years and it hasn't stopped working once.

Lucky you, I had problems with that specific one. I bought one, clean as a whistle, no lag!
But hopefully she sees the Facebook link, that was my main point:)

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