For the most part, the Changchun Friends website is not very active and has been superseded by the Tencent "Wechat" app by the local expat community. This website is maintained sporadically, people may still join and membership is still open, but if you are a spammer, stay away. The archived information here is still useful, but some may be out of date. There are plans to make it more useful for static information in the future. If anyone needs information about Changchun or China, you may post a message and it probably will get a response but not immediately.

Changchun Friends

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Is there anything you wish you would have taken with you?

Hey guys, Im new here. I will be moving to Changchun in about a week. Is there anything you wish you would have taken with you when you moved to China? Or do you have any suggestions as to what I should bring other than the basics?

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no need take,you can buy everything here,it is not expensive .
if you need help,i can give you a hand.
my qq 386747413
Get Medical insurance before you come. Get 100% coverage, and make sure it isn't pay first, then claim, because if anything serious happens, (A) you won't be able to afford it and (B), they won't touch you unless you show them a fistfull of cash.

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In and around Changchun with QQ Soso street maps:

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