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Where to find TexMex , and some other foods in Changchun

Does anyone know a place other than Jello Factory that sells TexMex in Changchun. I've really been craving this, but I don't know where to go. Also trying to find a place that serves western breakfast(not kfc or mcdonalds). When I was in Chengdu Grandma's kitchen had brunch every Sunday, but really just want some Pancakes.

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Near Longli road or Shangarila or Wanda Square on the fifth floor.
The Sheraton out here in Jingyue has an amazing breakfast buffet every day. You can get omelettes, French toast, hash browns, bacon, donuts, etc. It is great!

I'll check it out for sure thank you for the info.

I believe the World Life Centre still has a Sunday all-day English breakfast. You can also buy bacon, and eggs, and make your own. City 1+1 Supermarket, as well as Sam's Supermarket, has Pancake mix.

Yea was mostly interested in the pancakes, didn't know you could buy mix here.  That's good to know ^^

Which part of Changchun are you in Maomi? Grandmas in Xikang Lu does a western style breakfast and I think also does TexMex

Huxi Lu/ Hongqie Jie. Sorta near Nanhu park. 

Ok, so you are close to Grandma's
No pancakes at grandamas :( gonna try there mexican food instead:)
what kinds of western food?
there is a Paul' pizza near GuilinLu.

mostly breakfast besides eggs. Like ihop =p but I might just cook when i get my nice place it should have a kitchen. 

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In and around Changchun with QQ Soso street maps:


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