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Changchun Film Studio


Changchun Film Studio

Changchun Film Studio is not just a museum and a theme park, it is an active production company still as part of Changchun Film Group Corporation:

Changchun Film Group Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Changchun Film Studio / Changchun Film Group Corporation is one of the major players in the Chinese film industry. They finance, produce and distribute motion pictures in mainland China and abroad:

Here is a list of films (only those released for foreign distribution) made over the years:

Changchun Film Studio [cn]

We are constantly on the lookout for foreign performing talent, for writers and for line producers to cooperate on projects.  We want a "foreign feel" to our Chinese commercial projects which are aimed at international audiences.


There is money to be made, careers that shall shine ...


About 2007 we were approached by Lord Ian Broughall (OBE), who has consented to be our Senior Executive Producer (UK).


We pay reasonably and fairly.


Join us!

Location: Changchun City
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Currently scouting for talent for a series of promotional trailers for a show with the working title of "Border Patrol". This is paid work. Differing ethnic looks, languages and skills required to play the parts of "terrorist associates", "government operatives" and "civilian observers". Looking about now to see who might be available to perform these rolls.  You'll need to be registered with either Richard, Michel or here at "Changchun Film Studio".

There is ongoing (sometimes) regular work (often) in other projects for locally based performers.


If you require an agent to help you please contact Michel Thorup: or discuss your requirements with Richard Roman.


Some alternative employers (education) have agreed to enter into part-time casual teaching arrangements for performers who may be granted official recognition (dependent on experience and qualifications).



Do you speak Chinese fluently?  Excellent!  We're really looking for talent the calibre of "Da Shan" - but he's so busy, and she is so hard to find. So, surely, there is a chance for you.


Can you speak Chinese "ma ma hu hu"? - great!  We're off to a good start.  We can work together, for sure.


Do you speak English well but have no command of Chinese at all?  Not a problem.  For a small fee, we will provide for a translator to accompany you on set.


Do you speak any other language under the sun (even Klingon)? A role will turn up for you ... but you may need to be patient.




It saves time and is efficient to connect with talent through mutual acquaintance, through a Talent Agent.  Over the years some friends of Changchun Film Studio have made some extra money arranging talent for shows.  If you'd like to work as an agent it is best if you discuss your plans with Richard Roman and Michel Thorup, and notify me.  Talent Agency work is outsourced to competent individuals.  A fair fee may range from 10 - 20 percent, even 25 percent is possible if a translator must be provided, for example.  These rates are negotiated directly between talent and agent.  A good agent will help ensure your experience is enjoyable.




Often, here in Changchun, when performing a talent search for an advertisement or TV show, we call around the available Talent Pool (through the Talent Agent network) at fairly short notice (perhaps 2 weeks or even 2 days before).  Sometimes, you might have a month's notice, but that is rare.

New Zealand Projects Liaison
Changchun Film Studio & Xin Culture Source Communications Limited
Changchun City
China PRC

Paul Sayers
Projects Liaison Officer
Changchun Xin Source Communications Limited
Shanghai Road,
Development Building,
Room 1504,
Changchun City,
Jilin Province,
China PRC

MB: 0086 138 4483 6863 (China)
MB: 0064 022 1221 368 (New Zealand)


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Comment by Paul Sayers on February 6, 2015 at 5:59

Hello, Darko :-)

Hope to see you in Changchun! You've studied film, and Changchun is Movie City. With energy and enthusiam we'll get stuff done :-)

Comment by montag darko on February 5, 2015 at 3:49

Hi there!I have studied film and coming to Changchun to teach english.Id love even to volunteer for anything that has to do with films :)

Comment by CCF Beijing on January 14, 2013 at 11:03

Looks like fun.


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