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Changchun Zoo and Botanical Park

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The Changchun Zoo and Botanical park is a huge area of land and has 1000's of animals, the main entrance to be found on Ziyou Dalu.
Zoos are usually shunned by some but this place should be seen - it is quite impressive in parts.

It is a beautiful park in itself with so many seclude areas to escape into. 
As most people go there to see the animals it means that it is easy to disappear into the woods and actually be alone, something I've never achieved in NanHu Park.
Today, Monday 28th of May 2012, was a very busy day with 1000s of school students from many different schools, marching around in class units. 
Many adopted Thomas for short periods and he had a fun day playing with all his new friends.
But we still found total seclusion when we needed and there seems to be no restrictions to the areas that don't house animals.
I took so many photos and there is so much to capture. I also shot a lot of video and will try later to load them and link them here..
Lots of the animals run free and most have quite big areas to run around but there are some that look as if they are not too happy.

However, this park is developing fast and so much has been improved and so much more is in development, so in the future this will be a fantastic attraction to visit.
There are so many places where you can get really close to the animals and as you can see in some cases you can be with them completely.

We discovered these deer in the forest running free and Thomas loved running with them - we were the only 2 people there at that time.

It's 30 yuan to enter the zoo (Thomas gets in free) but you can't leave and return, so bring a picnic as there are great areas to sit down away from the crowds and there are on;ly the usual snacks shacks with the usual snacks and drinks but at a higher price.
There is also a large amusement park and the rides look safe enough but I didn't try and again I expect it will cost but with so many school kids in the park the queues were long and it was a very hot day.

It was a great day for Thomas and I will go back again.
And remember, if zoo animals are not your thing then just visit the park areas - it's still worth 30 yuan.

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