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Hello together, 

me and my climbing equipment finally arrived here in changchun and I would like to ask you, if you are interested to meet and climb together. 

Maybe we can arrange some appointments here in this group.

Best regards 


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Hello Andreas,

I have been twice to 雪立方摩尔 for climbing. Good place for a short exercise. So if you are interested in going, just announce it and we can join maybe.



Yes I'm very interested. What's about to go there on one of the next weekends.

Just write me when it's possible for you.

I won't be in Changchun for the next weeks. I'll let you know, when I am back and write a date suggestion here. How about that?

Absolutely fine. see you then. 



In and around Changchun with QQ Soso street maps:


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A few more players that have made my season exciting.

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