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Last weeka tour-study team of British students came to Mandarin Garden,going on a 3-day trip in Shanghai.During the trip,students also took part in many meaningful culture activities offered by Mandarin Garden.

In the summer,more and more foreigners choose China as their destination ,so let us have a brief introduction of the tour-study over the world.

In China,the tour-study began with the Confucius.The Confucius visited many kingdoms and spread his thoughts in the Spring and Autumn period  ,which can be acknowledged as the origin of the tour-study in Chinese history.Tour-study contains two parts,the visiting and the studying,and they are not separate things but a combined entirety.The tour-study indicates experience in different kinds of culture and is the best way to broaden the horizon.

In foreign countries,tour-study is also the most traditional learning style and now it has developed into the modern model.The modern tour-study comes forth with the globalization and is still growing into a mature international and cross-cultural experiential learning model.

However,tour-study isn’t equal to the traveling but the life experience.Going on a tour-study makes people participate into the international activities and think from a global perspective,but the most important thing is,the tour will offer us an unforgettable memory.

If you want to have a tour-study in Shanghai,we strongly recommend Mandarin Garden as you first choice.Not only the considerate services will be provided,but also the free X1 and X2 VISA course are possible to gain.

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