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The Notice of the Second “Jilin and I ” Theme Writing Activity
To enhance international friends’ understanding of Jilin province, and have good memories of Jilin, Jilin Province Information Office, Education Department, Friendship Association with Foreign Countries of Jilin Province will hold jointly the Second “Jilin and I” Theme Writing Activity. The related issues as follows.
First, activity purpose
The activity is aimed at recording the international friends’ unforgettable memories, telling the wonderful stories and keeping good memories in Jilin.
Second, essay topic
Jilin and I
Third, applicant
Applicant should be a foreigner, who is working, learning, living in Jilin, or has been to Jilin province.
Fourth, requirements
1. The essay should closely focus on experience in Jilin province, such as study, work, life, tourism, investment, business. The essay can be about unforgettable stories, learning experience, or the enjoyment and aftertaste from Jilin landscape, culture, industry, food, local conditions and customs, etc. The essay can also be about your friendship and love with Jilin people.
2. There is no restriction on the style and title. The essay should be written in Chinese or English. The essay should enhance the subject, reflect the true feelings, and be written with great fluency and vivid details.
3. The essay must be original work, prohibiting any copying or plagiarism. You can ask help of your Chinese teachers or friends, but essay can’t be written by others. 800-2000 words.

For more information:

Che Han telephone number: 82773661

Information Office of the People’s Government of Jilin Province
Education Department of Jilin Province
Jilin Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
December 22, 2014

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