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Hey, ccf - It's been a long week.  Started my new job AND kept a nagging cold at bay (yay for homemade chicken soup!).


Now I'm looking for some advice:  Does anyone know of a good fitness center?  I live in the southeast quadrant (just south of Nanhu Rd. on Yatai St.) and work a little further east (on Nanhu, beyond Saide Square).  I'd love to find a gym close to home or work.

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Would like to find a good fitness centre myself also as new in changchun and wanting to keep in shape

There is a big IMPULSE gym at Wei Xing Square

Impulse at Wei

Close ones:

赛奥健身中心(Sai'Ao, dont know its English name or whether it has one)0431-81956000, at the crossing of Dongsheng St. and Jilin Rd

英派斯全民健身中心(Impulse<Stadium Branch>, at the Changchun Stadium, along Yatai St. between Jiefang St. and Ziyou St. )0431-88689388

英派斯健身俱乐部(Impulse<Weixing Branch>, not far from the Weixing Roundabout )0431-87806111 87806222

浩瑞斯健身(Hao Rui Si Gym, Very close to Saide Roundabout)0431-81907253

环宇健身俱乐部(经开店)(Huan Yu Gym<Jingkai Branch>, 500 ms north of the crossing of Weixing and Linhe )

52中体育馆 (No. 52 High School Gym, near the crossing of Linhe and Lingdong)

I go to Impulse on Renmin street, near Renmin Square. I like it.

The Impulse at the Weixing roundabout is where I ended up buying a membership.  I like it, too.

kuancheng wanda plaza has a good fitness center .

Heide, Im happy that u finally found a nice place:)

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