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Wong Ka Kui(10 June 1962 – 30 June 1993) was a Hong Kong singer-songwriter. He was the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and the founder member of the Hong Kong rock bandBeyond.Wong Ka Kui won the Best Lyrics award for his touching, inspiring lyrics in "The Glorious Days", which is a tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, former president of South Africa. In 1991, Beyond visited Kenya and witnessed the grinding poverty and misery there. Upon their return, a number of songs were written addressing the serious problems of Africa.

Here are the bilingual lyrics.

Glorious days 
By Beyond
The bell ring calls for home 钟声响起归家的讯号
In his life 在他的生命里
Likely with a few sighs 仿佛带些唏嘘
What black skin gives him 黑色肌肤给他的意义
Is to devote himself 是一生的奉献
In the process of fighting for equality 肤色斗争中
Time turns possession into losses 年月把拥有变作失去
But there is still hope in his tired eyes 疲倦的双眼带有期望
Today only empty body left 今天只有残留的躯壳
To welcome glorious days 迎接光辉岁月

Hold on to the freedom in the rain 风雨中抱紧自由
Hoping against hope for all his life 一生经过彷徨挣扎
He still believe he can make his own future 自信可改变未来
Who can do as he did 问谁又能做到
Can we forget the color of each other 可否不分肤色的界限
I hope on the land 愿这土地里
There is no inequality 不分你我高低
The beauty of rainbow consists in 缤纷色彩闪出的美丽
It is not separated 是因为它没有分开每种色彩

I don't think that this English translation works quite well. It's accurate and too accurate. Hopefully we guys can create a better one. 

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These are very inspiring lyrics about Mandela, and I think they do work well, but that doesnt mean that they cannot be improved.  Hopefully someone could record them into English, I would love to hear the result.

Great idea, Dadid. Why not we do it ourselves?

Say we may manage to get one or two songs done during a dinner at a coffee shop once a month as an interesting and constructive way of relaxing. 

me really into this idea.

That's a great song. I love Beyond.

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