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Looking to buy a electronic dictionary. Help wanted!

Hey every one, I have been living in China for almost two years and during that time I have been using a old school "paper" dictionary to help me with my Chinese studies. Sadly now I have reached a point where using a normal dictionary is not just enough, so I have decided to invest my hard saved student money in one of these Electronic Dictionaries.


The thing  is: I just don't want to settle for any cheap Edictionary, because these are usually oriented to native Chinese speakers who are learning a foreign language, and the software is usually very awkward to use. You see I am looking for something that is more user friendly, that lets me me write characters & that translates whole sentences, no just single isolated words, something like this


Now my problem is, that I cant really afford to buy a 1400 RMB dictionary, so I was wondering if ANY ONE could HELP me find a USED version of the "Mandarin King F109" (中文通F109) or a CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE of the same.


Thank you very much! :)

- Fernando

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I have a decent dictionary that I got for a good deal for about 600 RMB about 10 months ago, I would be willing to part with it for 300.  


here is a picture dictionary


its called 快译通

color, has head phone jack, you can play games, watch videos and, most importantly, it comes with a pen to write characters.



How does it perform? has it had lots of damage? Where can I call you?

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