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One Chinese Sentence Everyday (15)

Nǐ zǒu nǐ de yánɡɡuāndào, wǒ ɡuò wǒ de dúmùqiáo.
You go your way, I'll go mine.



This sentence literally means that you can take the thoroughfare, but I'll pass my single-plank bridge, which is extended to say that you look after your own concern and leave one to my own affairs. It's usually used when the two sides have a break-up and express their determination to have nothing to do with each other; or it can be used to turn down someone's dissuasion and persist in his/her own decision and method of working without allowing other's interference.
Note: "阳关道(Yángguān Dào)"was a broad road in the south-east of Gansu Province in ancient China.


1. 甲:你这样做是很愚蠢的。
Jiă: Nǐ zhèyànɡ zuò shì hěn yúchǔn de.
A: It's very foolish of you to do this.

Yǐ: Nǐ zǒu nǐ de yánɡɡuāndào, wǒ ɡuò wǒ de dúmùqiáo, wǒ de shì bú yònɡ nǐ ɡuǎn.
B: You go your way, and I'll go mine. Do not meddle in my affairs.

2. 甲:我永远不想再见到你!
Jiă: Wǒ yǒnɡyuǎn bù xiǎnɡ zài jiàndào nǐ!
A: I will never want to see you again!

Yǐ: Hǎo, cónɡcǐ yǐhòu nǐ zǒu nǐ de yánɡɡuāndào, wǒ ɡuò wǒ de dúmùqiáo.
B: Fine, from now on, you live your life, and I'll live mine!

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