For the most part, the Changchun Friends website is not very active and has been superseded by the Tencent "Wechat" app by the local expat community. This website is maintained sporadically, people may still join and membership is still open, but if you are a spammer, stay away. The archived information here is still useful, but some may be out of date. There are plans to make it more useful for static information in the future. If anyone needs information about Changchun or China, you may post a message and it probably will get a response but not immediately.

Changchun Friends

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One Chinese Sentence Everyday (7)

Bù ɡǎn dānɡ.
I'm flattered.    



      “不敢当”是一种谦虚的说法, 当别人向你表达称赞、信任的时候,你可以用“不敢当”来谦虚地表示自己承担不起这样的称赞、信任。中国人在受到别人称赞时往往要表现出谦虚的态度。
"不敢当" is a kind of euphemism. When someone praises you or expresses his/her trust in you, you can use this as a polite way by indicating that you are not worthy of such compliments. Chinese people are used to show their modesty when they are receiving compliments from others.



     Jiă:  Nǐ shì wǒ jiàn ɡuo de zuì cōnɡmínɡ de rén!
      A:  You are the smartest person I've ever seen.
      Yǐ:  Bù ɡǎn dānɡ.
       B:  I'm flattered.


     Jiă:  Zhǐyǒu nǐ nénɡ wánchénɡ zhèɡe rènwù.
      A:  You are the only one who can accomplish this task.
      Yǐ:  Bù ɡǎn dānɡ, wǒ huì jìnlì de.
      B:  I don't deserve this, but I'll do my best.


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