For the most part, the Changchun Friends website is not very active and has been superseded by the Tencent "Wechat" app by the local expat community. This website is maintained sporadically, people may still join and membership is still open, but if you are a spammer, stay away. The archived information here is still useful, but some may be out of date. There are plans to make it more useful for static information in the future. If anyone needs information about Changchun or China, you may post a message and it probably will get a response but not immediately.

Changchun Friends

a great way to get involved


Warhorse I thought was great because I wanted to know how the film makers could do what they did - how do they make me see a horse doing what it did on screen. So when you have seen the film watch this documentary on how they did it.

I watched the film on-line but you must download some iffy software first which I did on an old computer I use for watching movies.

You might need a Chinese person to help you.

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