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Former Olympic Skiing Champion Joins 2013 Vasa Running Festival

2013 Vasa Cross Country Running Festival kicked off on Sunday. 5,000 participants from home and abroad are gathering together in Jingyuetan, Changchun.

The 35-year-old Bjorn Lind comes from Norway. He was the Olympic skiing champion in 2006. And it is his first time to participate in Vasa running festival this year. From skiing to running, he expressed his wish to enjoy the process well.

Q: What do you think that Vasaloppet has become a member of world loppet association?
A: Its a great opportunity because its really good to be in worldloppets with the long distance races.

Q: Whats your expectation of the event this year?
A: Its really nice and the weather is warm and perfect while the track is really tough and hard.

Q: Are you confident to be the champion again?
A: No, I haven’t trained so much anymore so I’m not confident. For me, it’s just for fun. And I’ll take more Vasa sports events in the future.

Q: Do you think Vasa running is a good platform for the youths from two countries to communicate with each other?
A: Yes, its a good opportunity to meet and learn from each other that come from different countries. Moreover, we can communicate with more young people.

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