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From Mutala:The youngest musician’s virgin show in China

The big day for sports fans is coming! 2013 Vasa Running Festival will kick off on June 23 in Changchun, China. Vätternrundan China will again serve as a cultural bridge between Sweden and China.
Moreover, Motala’s Koumra Music School from Sweden sends 42 outstanding young musicians to China as part of the cultural exchange. They will visit the capital city Beijing, the Vasa headquarters in Changchun, the site of Vätternrundan China Yanbian as well as other cities, where they will perform concerts as ambassadors of Swedish music. This will serve as an exchange activity between the two sister Vätternrundan competitions in Sweden and China.
Motala’s Koumra Music School is an urban music academy established for young locals who love and wish to pursue learn music, chorus, and dance. The school mainly teaches orchestral instruments, including wooden guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, drums, and pianos.

The 13-year-old Hugo Ekinge, the youngest boy who plays tuba, expressed his excitement and feelings about his trip.

Q: Is it your first time to come to China? What do you know about China before you came here?
A: Yeah, it is my first time. In fact, I really didn’t know much about China. I was excited to see the land. My mother came to China some years ago and she likes China. I think it’s very fun to be here.

Q: What’s your expectation for your China trip?
A: I’m very excited to see everything I look at. Maybe I can also make many Chinese friends here.

Q: Which instrument do you play in the orchestra? When did you learn it? And why?
A: I’ve been playing tuba since I was six. Its fun to play with my friends here, and I like songs and music very much.

Q: Are you looking forward to perform in Chinese schools and universities?
A: Yeah, I’m very excited. It’s also fun to play and show people what we can do. And it’s also a good chance to know more about Chinese music.

Q: Do you know Chinese music before?
A: No. I havent listened to Chinese music. We went to a Chinese school yesterday. We played some songs for them and they played some songs for us. It was fun here.

Q: Are there differences do you think between Swedish music and Chinese one?
A: Actually, there are lots of differences in melodies but it’s OK. And Vasa provide us a good opportunity for cultural exchanges between two countries.

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