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Martin Weekly (22nd-28th, September)Something Changchunese and Chinese


Editior’s note: I started with this idea several days ago when John and I were discussing something about Changchun and China. I felt it a helpful and practical idea to edit a weekly report on what’s going on in the City of Not-That-Spring and China. Each issue consisted of local news and the hottest key words searched by millions of Chinese on will be posted on every Friday night or Saturday morning.  


Useful Local News

Light Rail L3, L4 Transit Open(September, 22nd)

After 42 months’ seemingly endless waiting since the foundation laying of Line 4 or after 11 years’ operation without any transit of Line 3, the Linhe Jie/Weixing Lu Transit was finally put in use last Saturday. I got really excited to find it that morning, because it means less expensive, more comfortable, less time for a single journey, another choice to go to the railway train station if you live in Jingyue. Passengers no longer have to walk out of Linhejie Station or Weixinglu Station to get to the other. The transfer channel is available now. Passengers don’t need to pay for tickets of Line3 and Line 4 separately, now they pay for the distance they actually cover. It is 2 yuan for less than 14.5 kilometers, 3 yuan for 14.5-24.5 kilometers,  and 4 yuan for more than 24.5 kilometers. If you take a taxi, you are supposed to pay 31 yuan for 14.5 kilometers in a case that the cab is never stopped by a traffic light.

Tips on where you can go along Line 4

Changchunzhan Beizhan: the North Exit of Changchun Railway Station

Yataidajie: nothing but a huge under-construction flyover

Weihuanggong: the palace of the so-called ‘king’ of Manchuria Kingdom(1932-1945)

Dongdaqiao: --

Dongxinlu: not open yet.

Jilindalu: the writer’s apartment

Gongpinglu: not open yet.

Ziyoudalu: Beifang Market, the center for DIYing your own clothing and bedding stuff. This station is marked as Haiguan(Customs Office) at every English map I have ever seen. Yes, you step out of the station, you are right in front of the customs office, but now it ‘s officially called Ziyoudalu Station.

Pudonglu:  --

Nanhudalu: --

Beihailu: --

Weixinglu: the Line 4 part of the Linhejie/Weixinglu Transit

Shironglu: German resteraunts

Nansanhuan: --

Nansihuan: --

Chechang: Corn fields.


Changchun Confusion Temple Reopen(September, 28st)

Changchun Confusion Temple reopened yesterday with an annual ceremony of Confucius’s birthday. The temple has been enlarged to become 3 times bigger than before. People usually believe that there is no religious tradition in China, which I partly disagree. People are religious here but they perform in another way. Pay a visit to it, and you will not only understand more of this country’s past but also more of the time you are living in.


No.9 Part-Routine buses Put in Use(September, 26th)

There are four buses of its total 30 started to only cover part of the routine because the under-construction Kaiyunjie-Kuanpingdalu flyover. Try to read its Chinese sign or ask a spectatled young man /woman who might speak English, please.


The Voice of China: Liang Bo and Wo Mochou Win(September, 28th)

It’s the hottest TV series and gossip material now. Have a look at their performance at It is long said that we can certainly and quickly make a similar copy whatever you guys create, this time, to me, yes, we made a copy, and the copy is not bad. Liang Bo is right from Changchun, the art school in Tongzhijie. Wo Mochou is also a Northeasterner, she is from Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang Province.


Yatai Dajie Come Alive Again(September, 28th)

Two flyovers over Ziyoudalu and Fanronglu were put in use on 28th, it means not only you can travel along Yataidajie quickly, but also you will find travelling along Remindajie or Linhe Jie becomes much easier, for the cars which should have travelled along Yataidajie is back now, furthermore, some cars whose shortest routines are along Remindjie or Linhejie are now attracted by the new-built 12-lane Yataidajie. If you drive your car or take a taxi, congratulations on the apparently boomed speed! If you walk or cycle across Yataidajie, please do pay more attention to the vehicles, because you know better than me, cars here are all broken-winged angels, they always try their best to fly.

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thanks for this martin.

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