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Last Snow Competition ( I set menu dinner prize to win )

I am Tired to see snow coming back every 2 days, Spring had come and Winter still fighting untill the last breath.

Who can guess when will be the last and very last snow of the 2012 Spring in Changchun.

The one who can guess perfectly the exactly day will win one Dinner Set Menu at Z-Space Restaurant.

1) If nobody guess the exact day , the closer one will win

2)Everyone pick up a day, if the day you thought is already took, pick a another one ,you are too late...

3)No cheat is allow , (like rent a plane and sprinkle toxic things on the air to make it snow) We watching you

4)the result will be done on May 1st, everybody got one try and just one

5) Your Word is the final Word.

Here we are

Hulan             March 31th

Sebastien      April 1st

Chris              April  3rd

Richard Roman  April 12th

Valentina       April 13th

Vinz                April 14th

Kate                April  15th

Gaea               April 17 th

Richard Ri      April  19th

Jack Field       April 28th

Lori and Elena  April 30th   elena please pick up a another one

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Of course, as it snowed during the night of the 31-1st, It is if you consider it snowed after midnight, I let Clement be judge and as a gallant Frenchman, I wouldn't mind Hulan winning....

Darn ... I just packed my cans of Christmas snow. Now if only I can remember which box they're in ...

*sigh*  I hate moving. 

Whack me down for April 28th. Im all in Clermont, and dont forget, medium rare mate. Medium rare.

Elena is fine with the 30th of April because I'm the only pessimist who said May 30th.  I stick by my date!  LOL

April 15 July 12th taken, yet?


 I'm a cert for the free grub now!

 Actually, on a semi-serious note - how long are you going to wait before you declare 'the last snow' ?


Damn - not looking too good for my bet! 10 day weather forecast is onwards and upwards!

well, actually, thats good!

Hulans looks like she's got this one!

Hulan and Sebastian looks like they gonna win,

I was in Shanghai for few days, is there any snow in Changchun the last past week?

No! Unless there is a change I think we are unlikely to see any more snow

Hey Clement - announce the winner!

Whoo, I forgot to announce the results...

And the Winner is ...............

Hulan and Sebastian, I can not make the difference between when its start and when the last snow finished and nobody care anyomore, so there is 2 Winners.

Hulan and Sebastian can come anytyme to Z-Space Restaurant to enjoy a free Lunch, Dinner or Brunch Menu, they just have to Call me in advance for booking    13596456971

Congratulations to the Winners, it was not easy, everybody try so hard to be on the final, a lot of tears will fall tonight, Every participants deserve a bravo, but we need a Winer.

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