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What is in your opinion the scariest movie ever made? Over the years we have seen some great horror movies make it to our screens. Some people who I've talked to believe the older movies like "the shining" or "the exorcist" are the scariest, because the movies rely on acting more than special effects. Others say that movies like "alien" and "silence of the lambs", even "blair witch project" are the scariest!

You tell me!


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Psycho - scared the hell out of me when I was a teenager!
I think I'll vote for myself and Marta by saying---- The Shining.
Are any movies since 2000 even comparable to those of yesteryear!

The Descent (2005) was pretty decent, about a group of females going in caves underground and getting trapped

Ringu (Japanese film, 1998) is very creepy and disturbing.

Halloween 1978, best of the franchise

Ju-on (japanese film, 2002) a haunted house/ghost story

The Thing (1982) fear of isolation, not knowing if people really are who they say they are, an invisible enemy is sub zero climates.


Audition (Odishon, 1999) another Japanese one is terrifying

Blair Witch 1999, that started the found footage fad. This one is actually pretty good, in a scary way.

Nightmare on Elm Street 1984, involving a classic villian and killer and again the original is the best

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974, nothing needs to be said, just scary!







Audition and Ringu are truly scary! - and weird!
for me Ring, the original Japanese movie of course!
ofcourse, the ring!, going to download that when i get home tonight!

id also recommend Noroi The Curse from 2005, a japanese found footage documentary



The Exorcist for religious folk

Psycho for girls

Finding Nemo for kids - just look at the cover.

The Hangover for men 

As for TV shows the Walking Dead scares the hell out of me though I don;t know why they can't hear and get away from a slow-moving, noisy zombie.

And finally, Sanctum just out  is a scary true story that is worth a watch

Hangover2 equals the first movie!
The japanese have got it then! Weird!

Shock, horror, it's 1971: Straw Dogs and the year of the controversial film

A remake of Straw Dogs reminds us that 1971, which also spawned A Clockwork Orange and 10 Rillington Place, was a wonderful annus horribilis of shock cinema in Britain

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