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Hello all,


I need to send money to the Philippines, and was going to use Western Union.

I looked up the W.U. outlets for Changchun on the internet, and found that there are several banks that provide the services such as Bank of Jilin, Agricultural Bank & Postal Savings Bank.

However, when I walked over today it was closed.  Someone, a passerby, then told me that will not open for another 7 days??!!

So all the banks aka Western Union close down for an entire week for the holiday?


Can anybody confirm?  Are there any other Western Union sources that I don't know about in Changchun besides those listed banks? 


Thanks in advance,

Michael (Just got here a month ago)

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Also China Everbright Bank provides service of Western Union....

You can also use the service thru China Post, as far as I know every post office in China has a Wester Union inside. Besides I know they are open today, because I just came from one.


Best Wishes!

- Fernando


Ok, good tip.  I will definitely give some other banks a shot.  I was only relying on the internet info from the Western Federal China website. 

I can help. BUt need to send you to a private message.

Can I add you?

Well anyway, I will be out of Changchun so I think it is okay to put here.


What I do is I open a bank account in Bank of Communication. I send the atm card to Philippines. Luckily some bank in the Philippines have Union Pay like Metro Bank and PNB so that makes it hassle free. 

Keep the account number so when every time you send to Philippines just deposit the rmb amount and your family/friends will receive it in minutes in peso. It's far better than Western Union.

Hope this helps.

All the best.



I'm new in town myself.

All small branches are closed during the holiday; however, the big Agricultural bank in Renmin (People's) Square is open. I also saw a Bank of Jilin branch there with a western union which was open.



This is a great tip.  Thanks!   It's very practical indeed.  Appreciate it!
But my question is whether there is a limit to how much a person can withdraw from an ATM. I remember it being difficult in the Philippines to find an ATM that could give you more than 10,000 pesos at a time.  If I'm correct, Western Union does not have the same kind of limitations.  Also, are there large fees to withdraw from a Union Pay account in the Phil, when the Bank is from China?
Good to know Jason  - thanks!

today I went to the post office for western union, i can't receive anything cuz' how they said i came late it was around 3.20 p.m, but after that i saw that Everbright Bank was open till 4 p.m.. Everbright Bank tmrrw will be open too. holidays r finished)

China Post Main Branch in Renmin Guangchang has 2 tellers who speak English well.. one goes by the name of Jessica.. Everything done in 15 minutes or so... She'll do all the paperwork, store your Passport details in your own Western Union card, ask you the name and country of the receiver.. all you do is sign.. you get your own China Post WU Card.. plus you can send in RMB.. the receiver gets in foreign currency..
China Post Renmin Guangchang WU is open until 5pm. 2nd floor.  Other branches are really from 9am to 3pm...  be it holiday or regular days.. I was told..

Right.. no limits for Western Union..


as to Unionpay ATM Withdrawals in the Ph, it's 10,000 pesos per transaction in most banks  and each transaction charges you 28rmb...  I have no idea if there's a limit if you withdraw from the teller during banking hours.

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