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I've been thinking about sampling a few different restaurants that offer quite regional dishes.  A taxi driver told me about 小羊腿 on Dong Chaoyang Lu.  Any other Dongbei-style places that offer regional specialties?

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小羊腿 doesn't sound Dongbeish, but kind of inner Mogolian, 羊腿 is not a typical Dongbei food material, for what it's worth. i v never been there n i cant get a Baidu(chinese google) result for it. So sorry for the info about it, while i do know qite a few other choices. Here are some i v been to, 社会主义新农村,向阳屯,蛟河庄稼院,碗碗香……and some other smaller-sized ones. Numerous choices, coz we are right in Dongbei. Fin, may i know something more about what you excatly want, the location, the covenience, the recipe you are into.... then i may help you with some suggestions

Thanks Martin. I ate a couple of times at the New Socialist Country Restaurant. The others are new to me. It's possible I didn't get the name right for 小羊腿。 I don't have tons of time on my hands right now, but I had a notion that when I do, I'd like to get more acquainted with some quite authentic Northeastern food. Small and even a bit out-of-the-way is ok. I'll try anything except dog.


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