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what we can offer in Mandarin Garden

What we offer:

(1)Intensive Mandarin Chinese language instruction and 6 months to one year students visa for overseas students.

(2)Professional qualified & trained teachers

(3)Comfortable single dorm rooms provide you with the conveniences of home

(4)Suitable training courses are programmed at each student's requirements

(5)Versatile methods and a variety of activities are…


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Mandarin Garden. A Place for Foreigners to Learn Chinese

Mandarin Garden,Language & Culture School, established in 2004, is a top 3 professional Mandarin school in China.

Mandarin Garden is an international organization of Mandarin language and Chinese dialects schools providing opportunities to learn Mandarin language or a dialect of your choice,in language schools around the world. Learn Mandarin Chinese in China with Mandarin Garden at our branches in Shanghai, Wuxi,…


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Learn Chinese

China is a vast country of great contrasts, with quiet rural landscapes of immense natural beauty and large cities that represent China's economic growth, drive and power. Join us in this magical land of remarkable people, traditions, culture and languages.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us! 


If you are serious about learning Mandarin Chinese in a true immersive environment,…


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Chinese Culture Introduction(1) Spring Festival. Mandarin Garden

Mandarin Garden. Culture and Language.

the Spring Festival

  Far and away the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year. To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West. The dates for this annual celebration are determined by the lunar calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, so the timing of the holiday…


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Part Time Job English Teacher Employment

This is Mandarin Garden School, and we are seeking for part time English teachers!!!

Requirement: Native English Speaker. Better have some experience in teaching English before.

Payment: talk about it face to face.

For more detail, please call me at 18686621403 or E-mail me at

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One Chinese Sentence Every Day(6)


Bù hǎo shuō.

It's hard to tell.



“不好说”这句话表示“不确定,不能轻易地下结论或给出确切的答案”, 可以单独使用,也可以用在句末,形成“……不好说”的结构,前边一般是有疑问的内容。还可以说 “难说”或者“说不好”。

This sentence means "It's difficult to make a conclusion or to give definite answer." It can be used alone as a sentence, or in the pattern "……不好说。" You can also say "难说(nán shuō)" or "说不好(shuō bu hǎo)" to express the same meaning.



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One Chinese Sentence Every Day(5)


Luóbo báicài , gè yǒu suǒ ài.

Everyone has his own preference.




It uses an analogy between the individual taste on food and the individual favor. The former part provides two most common vegetables: Carrots and cabbages. And the latter part…


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One Chinese Sentence Every Day(4)



quite good; perfect



“没的说” usually acts as an independent component, which refers to someone or something is very nice or perfect.



Jiă: Nǐ juéde zhè ge jìhuàshū zěnmeyàng?

A: How do you think about the plan?


Yǐ: Méideshuō, jiǎnzhí shì wánměi! Nǐ xīnkǔ le.

B: Wonderful! You work hard.


Jiă: Xiǎo Wáng de gōngzuò…


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One Chinese Sentence Every Day(3)


Hái zhēn méi kànchūlai.

( I ) really did not see it!




“还真没看出来” means the speaker is very surprised when he/she finds or is told something hasn’t been noticed . It can indicate commendatory or derogatory according the different situations.




Jiă: Lǎo Lǐ de érzi déle Shùxué Àosài dìyīmíng!

A: Lao Li’ son has won the first prize in…


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One Chinese Sentence Every Day(2)


Bù chū suǒ liào.

as sb. expected; not unexpected



“不出……所料” 是表示事情的结果跟某人所猜测的一致,中间一般接指人名词或代词。这个短句前面一般可以用副词修饰用来强调,如“果然”等。

“不出sb所料”indicates the fact is as the same as what someone has speculated. The prouns or personal nouns are usually in the middle of the sentence. Some adverbials are before it can emphasize, such as “果然“and so on.




Jiă: Bù chū wǒmen suǒ liào, tāmen yíngle lánqiú sài.



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One Chinese Sentence Every Day(1)


Ràng wǒ zěnme shuō nǐ.

How to say something about you.




“让我怎么说你” refers that somebody does not know what to say towards the behavior or opinion of other person. It usually has the tone of blame or complaining.




Jiă: Wǒ yòu bǎ shóujī nòngdiūle.

A:I lost my mobile phone again.


Yǐ:Nǐ ràng wǒ zěnme shuō nǐ,…


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Free Mandarin Chinese Class

Mandarin Garden has 8 years experience in teaching Chinese as a second language. We have 10 reaching centers in China and other countries, Shanghai, Changchun, Wuhan, Ningbo, Wuxi, Lijiang, London and Sydney. All of the teachers here have the certificate in teaching Chinese as a second language, we are aiming at providing professional mandarin teaching to more foreigners.

       In order to return back for the trust that has…


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General Chinese Trial Class----------Better Chinese, Better life!

Have you always admire your friend can speak Chinese fluently and can chat with Chinese friend happily?

Have you always worry about you don't have enough time to learn Chinese or the transportation is inconvenient that you can't carry on learning?

Have you been feeling about some Chinese institutions tuition fees are too high?

Have you always worry about your learning don't have effect?

If you really want to learn Chinese, please…


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Mandarin Garden is a trustworthy mandarin school in China

Mandarin Garden is the most effective, professional mandarin school in China With over 8 years of experience, and is a New HSK Test center, approved by Chinese Hanban.

With 9 excellence well spread branches in China, Mandarin Garden offers a comprehensive and flexible selection of Mandarin Chinese language programs to students from all over the world. Our schools cover areas of the East China (included Shanghai, Wuxi, Ningbo), the South…


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In and around Changchun with QQ Soso street maps:


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